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When we need to have storage auctions, we use an online auction site called Storage Treasures. By using an online auction method, we can post photos of the units, and potential buyers are able to bid from anywhere 24/7.


“All articles stored under a rental agreement, for which charges have not been paid for 30 days, will be sold to pay charges. If this business does not sell a vehicle stored under a rental agreement, it will be towed form the storage facility after 60 days of nonpayment.”

Tenant Items Being Auctioned
Tenants with units in auction status may redeem their personal property at any time prior to the sale by tendering an IN FULL, CASH payment to our office during business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Bidding On A Unit(s)
Unless indicated otherwise, prior to the opening bid for each unit sold, you will be bidding on the entire contents of the unit. Bid here: Storage Treasures

Identification Required 
Successful bidders must have a current driver license or state I.D., must be 18 years or older and will be required to sign in with their full name, correct address, phone number, and email.

Payment / Deposit
If you are the winning bidder on a unit, you will be required to pay:

1. The amount of your successful bid in cash (plus state tax), when you come to remove the items from the unit(s).


2. A $100.00 cash cleaning deposit for each unit that you successfully win.

Once the successful bidder has properly emptied and swept out the unit, we will refund the cleaning deposit.

Padlock / Seal Removal 
Once the successful bidders have paid for their unit(s), a representative from our office will walk the successful bidders out to their purchased unit(s) and remove the over lock and seal placed on the unit when the lock was cut and contents inventoried. The successful bidders will be required to place their own lock on the unit until the items in the unit have been removed.


Clean Out / Trash Removal
Successful bidders have 24-hours to clean out the unit(s) they purchased. They must take everything, and leave the unit swept out and free of trash. Successful bidders may NOT use our dumpsters or garbage cans for items they don’t want. EVERYTHING is to be removed with the only exception being photos and personal papers that should be turned into the office. If they fail to clean out the unit within the 24-hour time allotted, the successful bidders will be required to sign a Storage Rental Agreement at the standard rental rates.

Sensitive Contents
Please return any photos and/or personal papers and documents to the office for proper disposal.

Successful bidders are responsible for your own safety and those with you at all times while cleaning out your unit(s). Children must be kept in hand at all times and not allowed to go near other storage units. NO ANIMALS OR SMOKING ARE ALLOWED on the storage property.

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